Naval Ship Designs

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The Als NSD family of Naval Ships includes modern vessels based on a platform with common hydrodynamic characteristics and includes warships of various types, from a 67 meters Surface Combat Ship to a large Air Defense frigate of 140 meters. Flexible and reliable basic platform in which the desired level of equipment and armament is accommodated in such a way that an optimum relation of accommodated systems and equipment to vessel's size is achieved. The flexibility of the design enables the final product to be customized to the customers' requirements.

Other Designs

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Developed of auxiliary and smaller vessels for the Navy and the Coast Guard as well as the design of fast ferries and yachts:

  • Als ® Class 25 SWATH Coast Guard Boats
  • Als ® Class 35 SWATH Coast Guards Patrol Boats
  • Als ® Class 40 SWATH Patrol Boats for the Coast Guards and Navies
  • Als ® Class 55 Attack Crafts
  • Als ® Class 100 Mega Yacht, etc.

All above as per client requirements.


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Our office delivers consultancy services on:

  • Conceptual designs and engineering
  • Preliminary design and basic designs
  • Stability and Buoyancy Studies
  • Technical specifications
  • Endurance Fuel Calculation
  • Sea keeping prediction
  • Hull Scanting Calculation
  • Production methods advice and analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Contract projects
  • Consultancy, Project Management


Collaborations with scientific research Institutions, Technical Universities and Navy ex Officers, as well as with well known specialized companies at home and abroad for platform, sensors and weapon systems.